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“There is a kind of intelligence, a kind of knowledge, that can only come from making.”

--James Elkins, from his book “Visual Studies, a skeptical introduction”

Training for a designer should be a lifetime experience and regular workout of activities like finding random objects, being curious about all subjects and tools, trying to make connections between anything--and anything else. Doodles, interventions, happenings…

Instead of a diary, I keep a sketchbook.

Can design instructors can live up to the expectations that we deposit on studens or colleagues? We should certainly try some of our own medicine. There is a particular state of mind: it's neither comfortable, nor easy. It's elusive, untangible and slippery. It's when--and where--we don't know what will happen to the work, but we can't get enough of it. It's when something genuine is about to happen. It's beautiful, there.