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1998-1999. Mentored by Moritz Zwimpfer,
Schule für Gestaltung, Basel, Switzerland.

Candy, a frog and a comet: color project

Based on a geometric grid that is constant for every page, a series
of illustrations—partially figurative, partially abstract—tell short stories about magic kingdoms where the pieces of a chess game jump out
of the board, a man with a mask collects thoughts in a box, or a girl welcomes chicks that had just hatched out with candy.

The text on each page is merely suggestive of what can be found
on each illustration. The younger the reader, the easier the task.
And after reading the book, it is fun to keep on inventing new shapes upon the original grid, displayed on the last pages.

Although this was a Grad School project, it is displayed here
because it greatly influenced my teaching of color-related projects.
Color has the power to reveal the meaning of a very abstract composition. It can change the expression on a face, or the size
of a shape, or another color's color, it can move, influence our
taste, make us change our mind...